Benefits of having a career break-A Personal experience.


This was me when I realised that having a career break has many benefits.

I was part of the great resignation 2021 unintentionally.

In November 2021 I resigned from my position as Biomedical Scientist after almost more than two years in infectious sciences and working during the COVID-19 pandemic. I didn’t even know that I was part of the great resignation.

All I knew is that wanted to explore life outside the laboratory and take a career break after working during the pandemic. Mind you this is not the first time that I have done it. The benefits of a career break

I wanted to share the positive side of having a career break or a transition period. It is just not solely for job hunting it is a self-discovery journey. This is not the first time for me that I have been in transition before, and believe me, every time it is different, I do become a better version of myself.

As you progress through life you learn more about yourself and the world around you. Every transition phase is different. You evolve, change is part of life it is a fact of life.

Here is what I have learned from my recent career break:

I will share some of the lessons that I have learned so far during my career break. This list might get updated in another article in the future when I reflect on it.

You gain new perspectives

To me, there is a life outside the laboratory, and I am going out to explore it. I consider myself a scientist with a vision and visionary leader I didn’t want to be stuck in a job for so many years with no growth and no progression. I already did my master’s 10 years ago. I wanted a new challenge I like to challenge myself I love learning and exploring. I like feeling uncomfortable it makes me happy and alive. I always ask myself what next?

You learn new skills and you discover yourself

I love creating content and sharing my thoughts and journey not just in science and healthcare but also in other sectors we live in a dynamic world you cannot live isolated not knowing what is going on around you. I feel if I don’t, I feel that I am missing out. Being in the know.

You develop new skills which can be transferable or soft skills related to your next career move. For example, I discovered more about NFT and Bitcoin in many sectors.

I love networking and meeting new people from different walks of life, I refer to this as experiential learning and earning.

More family time.

With a career break, you can have more time for your family. Not having to worry about work commitment and you re-charge your work-life balance.

Escape negative and stressful work environments.

For me, the last two years working during COVID-19 in the UK were very challenging for me personally and professionally.

A career break was a great opportunity for me to regain the energy that I have lost by working in a stressful environment.

You reassess your career

It is a chance to do a deep dive into your career and goals. You can ask yourself the tough questions, you may have been putting off for a few years, like “Is this the career you want?”, “Is this the career you see yourself in the future?” In answering these questions, you can make use of your career break in reflecting on where you are now and what you eventually want to achieve in your career the future.

It can help you refocus your goals

When you began your career, you most likely had goals set that have helped you reach your first career milestones. In taking a career break, you can set out new goals with the new perspective you have gained while you are away from the pressures of work.

You can engage in extra-curricular activities

Your career break can be a time for you to branch out your activities beyond work. You can engage in extra-curricular activities that would enrich your well-being. You can also do volunteer work for a change.

For me writing content on my social media platforms, I am writing my first book and I am loving networking not just in healthcare but also with other creators in other sectors such as business, literature and art

You look after your mental health

Absolutely to me, this is more vital than ever, as we are surrounded by so much negativity, I see people are finding it hard to cope with the stresses of life. I decided that it is now or never. I need to take this step no matter how long this might take. I have the faith that I will get there eventually.


I believe that this time to practice self-motivation — motivate yourself to do better and improve yourself, especially with regards to the career path you want to take. Particularly when I am using the time to educate myself and practising to be my boss. I don’t see myself as a follower for the rest of my life.

This can be challenging at times, but I immerse myself in being productive while doing the things that I enjoy exploring the new locations in UAE, meeting new people and building connections. Continue developing myself

It can bring you unexpected results

A career break, when used wisely, can be fruitful and bring you unexpected results that can help you take the next best step in further developing your career. If you may have lost inspiration in your career, maybe this break can lead you toward a new one. I truly believe that this will elevate me to the next level

To conclude taking a break from your career shouldn’t be viewed as a burden or something to be ashamed of and it shouldn’t heavily affect your career. You must elevate yourself to the next level and be a better you.

To me, a career break means learning and earning.



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